Tailored services
for each customer

The level of complexity of our field requires us to have specialists in each of the services we offer. We have great professionals in constant updating and learning that allows us to offer high value-added services.

We are aware of our responsibility and that is why, through our Engineering and Projects departments, we study the client's needs in depth in order to make the best decisions in each of the project's phases.

We manage integral projects from their conception to their execution. Below you will find a summary of our fields of action, including specific services such as the Study and Development of Projects, Project Management, Integral Services of Maintenance and Execution of Installations.



Comprehensive services for the study and execution of electrical installations in homes, commercial premises and buildings. Legalization of installations.

Air conditioning and hydraulics

We offer tailor-made solutions in the areas of air conditioning and hydraulics; industrial air conditioning and refrigeration, heating, domestic hot water, ventilation, plumbing, sanitation and machine rooms.

Renewable Energies

We incorporate to all our projects the latest technology in renewable energies; photovoltaic systems, solar thermal energy, biomass, aerothermal and geothermal.


We cover the entire telecommunications sector; television, radio and networks; ICT projects, voice and data networks, racks, network electronics, audio and video, etc.


A complete range of solutions for the security of your home or business; CCTV cameras, access control or fire detection are some of our specialties.

Control and Domotics

In QTEC we bet on intelligent buildings integrating under one control all the above described installations. We design and integrate the latest advances in home automation, industrial control and audio/video control.