Single-family Home G25
April 4, 2024

Client: M10

During the period 2021-2022, we had the opportunity to collaborate with ABITARE in the comprehensive execution of installations for an exclusive residence in Puerto de Andratx. This project stands out not only for its magnificent location but also for the incorporation of cutting-edge technology in each of its systems, making this home an example of comfort and energy efficiency.


At the heart of this innovation is the advanced Mitsubishi heat recovery ventilation system, complemented by sophisticated automatic air quality control. Through CO2 and humidity sensors, this system allows for individualized ventilation of each room, ensuring an optimal environment at all times.

Spanning over 900 m2, the house is managed from an impressive machinery room equipped with the latest technology. This space serves as the core from where the operation and maintenance of the installations are coordinated, guaranteeing maximum performance and reliability. The presence of two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, offers an unparalleled luxury and relaxation experience, satisfying even the most demanding users.





In the realm of entertainment, the Home Cinema designed in collaboration with TruAudio and JVC promises an unparalleled audiovisual experience. The choice of these manufacturers underscores our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that each projection is a memorable event.






For comprehensive control of the home, we have implemented the RTI XP8V processor, an avant-garde solution that allows residents to manage all functions of their home intuitively and effectively. This visualization and control platform becomes the brain of the house, facilitating seamless interaction with HVAC, lighting, audio, video, and security systems.






In addition to these specialized systems, complete installations of underfloor heating, plumbing, electricity, and lighting were carried out, each designed and implemented with the precision and care that characterize our work. This residence in Puerto de Andratx not only reflects excellence in technical execution but also our vision of integrating functionality with luxury, creating spaces that elevate the quality of life for its residents.